Pain is always part of life and a life without pain is a life without gain. When in pain all we do is fight hard not to recall what hurt us, who hurt us, or even triggers that will remind us of the hurt.

The worst pain is avoiding pain by doing other things that bring pain. Pain is confusing, and all we crave for is to get over the pain. We suppress the thoughts of pian, we start doing things that will occupy our minds form thinking, or even stop doing things that may remind us of the pian.

All these are reactions we have when in pain, but in the process we get used to them and get used to me and we make them our way of living but the question is, have you healed from the pain?

Processing of the pain might be hard and uncomfortable but what matters is experiencing the pain not running from the pain because what we repeat what we don’t repair and we breed what we don’t heal on others. Process the pain, identify the things that hurt you, take up responsibility and work on yourself. Let the pain build you to become more strong. Pain is a teacher. Pain can be a source of untapped power.


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