Life is a misery and we are all fools of tomorrow. Living is a privilege. Life is made complete by the encounters, experiences and the memories we create. At times all these might be stressing and depressing and all we wish is to go back in times and change everything that is causing us pain, change the decisions we made, or actions we took that are having negative consequences in our present. But wait, if all those things were not there, if life was just perfect then where could the beauty in living?

Everything plays a role in the development and in the making of the person you are today. The past is past actually and it should stay in the past but it may be easy said than done. Making peace with your inner self, accepting yourself, differentiating yourself from the mistakes you did and gaining the courage to forgive yourself is the only way to move from your past. The joy in the living is learning from your past to better your present and it is at this point you will look at your past with joy and thank yourself for having a messy past that has contributed to your better present.

It’s never too late to start over again but it requires alot of courage to do so. There will always be emotional turmoil but the determined will be persistent enough and willing to go through the process because at the end of it all the results will be worth it but the reality is, no one wants to experience pain or distress and again no one wants to revisit their blinds pot but the fact remains, the only way out is through it. The question is are you willing to start over? I know this is a yes for everyone but the main question is, are you willing to go through the whole process?

By Denis rench


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